Captain Phasma Could Have a Brutal Upgrade in 'The Last Jedi'


Captain Phasma will take down dissenters of the First Order with brutal efficiency in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Played by Gwendoline Christie of Game of Thrones fame, Phasma had a relatively small role in The Force Awakens. As the Stormtrooper drill sergeant, she kept the troops in line and was quick to call FN-2187 (Finn) out on his treachery. Now there’s a good chance Phasma will be prepared to mess up future dissenters with a new baddass and deadly weapon in The Last Jedi.

Making Star Wars, a popular Star Wars fansite, reported on March 9 that “a source” said: “You are going to love Captain Phasma’s spear in The Last Jedi. She looks killer.”

Now, there’s zero confirmation on who this source is, and there’s nothing to back up the credibility of the quote, but taking it at face value gives Star Wars fans something exciting to look forward to in the upcoming The Last Jedi.

Dork Side of the Force

Captain Phasma having a spear in the next Star Wars film means fans will probably get the chance to see her in action this time around. Phasma was mostly a stoic, apathetic figure in The Force Awakens, giving orders to the troops and taking them from Kylo Ren but never really participating in the action herself. The addition of a spear to Phasma’s character could mean she’ll get down and dirty with the rebels or maybe even take on a Jedi or two.

Find out more about Phasma’s (potential) spear when The Last Jedi premieres in theaters December 15.

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