Terrifying New Image of Pennywise Emerges From 'It' Movie Set

Okay, maybe this redesign is scary after all.

Update: Warner Bros. has pulled the image.

When we got our first glimpse of Pennywise the Dancing Clown’s new look in the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s It back in July, fans were split on the redesign. Compared to Tim Curry’s terrifying clown in the ‘90s mini-series, Bill Skarsgård’s Victorian era garb seemed like it might’ve been trying a little too hard to actually be scary. But, Pennywise looked better in action in the record-breaking first trailer, and a new set photo suggests that maybe this clown could embody your greatest fears after all.

The Nightmare on Film Street podcast shared a picture from the set of what appears to be the underground sewers where the book’s two climaxes take place. We see some of the Losers’ Club hanging out in the background, but a crisp monitor in the foreground shows Pennywise grabbing someone, and he looks demonic. Yes, he has a fivehead, but he also looks ancient and alien with creepy black eyes and a gaping maw.

Pennywise’s new design still looks like it’s trying much harder than the one from the mini-series, which was more queasily unsettling than openly evil. At least it seems like it’s trying and succeeding. That’s not a face I’d want to ever run into.

It hits theaters on September 8, 2017.

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