Bill Begins 'Doctor Who' Season 10 as the Doctor's Student

BBC America

Bill Potts will be the Doctor’s latest student in the wibbly-wobbly workings of the Doctor Who universe. A new video from BBC gives a first look at what to expect from the 12th Doctor’s relationship with his new Season 10 companion, Pearl Mackie’s Bill.

“Their relationship is very much kind of teacher-student,” Mackie says, with 12th Doctor actor Peter Capaldi adding that their relationship starts out as a “teacher-pupil relationship, but I think it becomes more complex than that.”

And while Who showrunner Steven Moffat says that the Doctor is “a hell of a lot older,” while Bill is “energetic and enthused,” it seems the two will be very good for each other. Historically, the Doctor has always had human companions at his side because they are endlessly amazed by the wonders of the universe. The Doctor’s companions remind him that it’s still worthwhile to get excited about things.

According to Mackie, Bill is “really interested in the way [the Doctor’s] mind works.” She’s fascinated by this weird alien man who’s willing to take her under his wing and teach her about time and space. And who wouldn’t be?

While Doctor Who fandom has been known to “ship” companions with the Doctor — want them to be romantically involved — this teacher-student, father-daughter relationship the show seems to be building from the beginning might dissuade that.

Doctor Who Season 10 premieres April 15.

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