The Uprising Event Skins Are Some of the Best in 'Overwatch'

Looks like Blizzard finally gave D.Va the selfie emote she deserved. 

Blizzard has officially released the next seasonal event for Overwatch, aptly titled Uprising. Just like each major event before it, Uprising is packed with cosmetic customization items for Overwatch’s ever-increasing roster of heroes, including a new set of skins, highlight intros, emotes, and more — which you’ll be able to obtain from themed loot boxes available in-game until May 1. As you might expect, there are dozens of excellent things to unlock within the latest event, but some are a little more expensive than their counterparts.

The most notable cosmetic additions include the gorgeous Legendary Blackwatch skins for both McCree and Genji to help show their shadowed pasts, while the main members of Overwatch (Reinhardt, Tracer, and Mercy) have all received skins of their standard-issue equipment from the Omnic Crisis. Thankfully, there’s also some love for Widowmaker courtesy of the new Talon skin, which gives us a glimpse into her early days as a Talon operative. Regardless of your favorite though, here’s a list of every unlockable in Uprising (except for voice lines and sprays) along with how many credits they’ll set you back.


Blackwatch Genji (Legendary — 3000 credits)

Blackwatch McCree (Legendary — 3000 credits)

Combat Medic Ziegler (Legendary — 3000 credits)

Null Sector Orisa (Legendary — 3000 credits)

Chief Engineer Lindholm (Legendary — 3000 credits)

Ironclad Torbjörn (Legendary — 3000 credits)

Cadet Oxton (Legendary — 3000 credits)

Talon Widowmaker (Legendary — 3000 credits)

Lieutenant Wilhelm (Epic — 750 credits)

Null Sector Bastion (Epic — 750 credits)

Highlight Intros

Selfie — D.Va (750 credits)

My Baby — Torbjörn (750 credits)

Perspective — Zenyatta (750 credits)


Training — Hanzo (750 credits)

Flair — Pharah (750 credits)

Push-Ups — Soldier: 76 (750 credits)

Victory Poses

Meditate — Genji (225 credits)

Handstand — Lúcio (225 credits)

Showdown — McCree (225 credits)

Light Reading — Symmetra (225 credits)

Peanut Butter — Winston (225 credits)

This is Strength — Zarya (225 credits)

Media via Nicholas Bashore