How to Download and Listen to 'S-Town'

It's time to go to Shittown.

by Monica Hunter-Hart
Flickr / VioletMusic

Now that your friends are finishing up S-Town and talking about John B. McLemore at length over drinks, you’re probably feeling left out. What is this new investigative podcast from the people behind Serial and This American Life? It’s a tale of Southern hospitality and hearsay, noxious methods of antique clock restoration, and a quest for gold — and it comes highly recommended. And good news: you can binge the seven episodes of S-Town, or chapters, as producer and host Brian Reed dubs them, in one long night if you get started now.

1. How to Stream It

Go directly to the S-Town website. All you need is a working internet connection and you’ll be good to go; just scroll down for the first chapter and click the play button. You’ll be sucked into a tale about hedge mazes straight out of the gate.

2. How to Download It for Apple Products

If you’re listening on a Mac computer, download the podcast on iTunes. If you want to listen on an iPhone or iPad, you’ll need the Apple Podcasts app. It’s automatically programmed onto most devices and is also free in the Apple Store. Search within the app for “S-Town,” then subscribe and download. Alternatively, download the free RadioPublic app and listen from there.

3. How to Download It for Android Products

Download the free Stitcher app from Google Play. Search within the app for “S-Town,” then “favorite” the podcast by clicking the plus sign. Alternatively, as with Apple devices, you can download the free RadioPublic app and listen from there.

If all of this is confusing, Ira Glass — host of This American Life and also from Serial Productions — made an explanatory video to help you out.

Now go and board the train to S-Town like everyone else on the planet.

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