Patrick Ness Says 'Class' Season 2 Could Still Happen

Reports of its death might have been premature.

BBC America

On February 24, rumors suggested that low ratings had resulted in a premature cancellation for Class, a Doctor Who spin-off about the students of the infamous Coal Hill Academy. The teen supernatural drama was touted as a dramatic, dark, coming-of-age story that got out of the gate slowly.

The edgy entry into Doctor Who canon also featured the franchise’s most diverse cast, another reason Who fans were preemptively in mourning. However, to the delight of Whovians everywhere, that may no longer be the case.

“There has been no decision made on Season 2, despite tabloid reports to the contrary,” Patrick Ness, showrunner of Class tells Inverse.

Ness says the cancellation rumor sprang up because Class aired so early in the UK. While the UK has seen the entire first season, Americans are waiting to watch it back-to-back with Doctor Who.

New seasons of both shows premiere stateside on Saturday, April 15 on BBC America, and Ness said that he’ll only find out the fate of Class after BBC gauges the reception of American and international audiences.

“Now we were always waiting to get to America as well,” Ness says. “It was only because we had a staggered release of the show, which doesn’t always happen. It rarely happens to Doctor Who.

“So, America watch it,” he says. “We still want to do Season 2.”

When asked what he had in store for the still hypothetical Season 2, Ness gave a spoiler-free nod to the future: “There’s still lots of stories for us to tell, especially with that ending; so fingers crossed! We’d love for America to embrace it.”

With a delighted cackle he continued, “I’ve got some evil stuff planned. I’ve got some evil ideas. Make sure you tell people, there’s evil stuff coming, so you need to watch.”

Class premieres on BBC America at 10 p.m. Eastern on April 15, 2017.

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