“There Will Be So Many Deaths” on ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Finale

Even though the rest of The CW’s Arrowverse has pretty much taken the month of April off, Legends of Tomorrow is gearing up to air its second season finale on Tuesday. And, if the show’s executive producer is to be believed, it’s going to be a bloody, bloody affair.

“There will be so many deaths!” Phil Klemmer told Entertainment Weekly. “It’s just nothing but death. It’s a wall-to-wall carnage. It’s a meat grinder. It’s more people that I’ve probably killed in my entire television career. It’s ridiculous.”

In addition to teasing the coming bloodbath, Klemmer also touched on some of the complications involved in killing somebody in the past (or at least preventing them from returning to their proper place in the timeline). Time travel’s a hornets’ nest, man.

“What if Snart doesn’t go back, there’s no Captain Cold, and there’s nobody to save our team at the Oculus, and Vandal Savage isn’t vanquished!” Klemmer said, suggesting some of the potential headaches the Legends might run into.

Klemmer goes on to explain that the Legends might be a little more open to straight-up changing history next season in light of what they’ve gone through this year.

“Season 3 is going to be totally different, it’s not going to be just fixing these simple aberrations and then moving on,” he explained. “As our team is maturing, they’re going to be — next season — faced with questions of like, ‘What if putting things back to the way they were wasn’t good enough?’”

The Legends of Tomorrow season finale airs on Tuesday at 8 p.m. Eastern on The CW.

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