Terrible Things Happen to Tom Cruise in New ‘The Mummy’ Trailer


The second trailer for the upcoming reboot of The Mummy arose over the weekend, and while there are lots of spooky images of an undead, god-like ancient Egyptian, what really stands out in the spot is just how many terrible things happen to Tom Cruise.

The trailer reveals a lot more backstory than the adrenaline-pumping first spot did, as it explains that the titular Mummy (Sofia Boutella) was poised to be the queen of Egypt, but she had a dark thirst for power. As a result, she was mummified alive only to be unleashed when Cruise’s character, Nick Morton, discovers her sarcophagus.

Things only get worse for him from there. As we saw in the first trailer, he straight-up dies in a plane crash after hundreds of birds make Sully seem like child’s play. However, we learn that the Mummy has revived him in order to draw power from him. This process, it would seem, involves swarming him with rats, tearing him out of a speeding ambulance, slapping him in the face, and generally wrecking his shit.

Also of interest in this trailer? Russell Crowe’s learned character who explains what’s happening is none other than Dr. Henry Jekyll. That’s right, Universal is getting serious about setting the stage for an expanded universe starring all their classic monsters.

The Mummy, aka Tom Cruise’s No Good Very Bad Day, will hit theaters on June 9, 2017.

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