Here's the Likelihood of Savitar Killing Iris on 'The Flash'

Can Barry Allen really change the future after all?

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Barry Allen has been fighting through Season 3 of The Flash to prevent a dark vision of the future. Iris West’s death at the hands (or blade) of the mysterious Savitar has been haunting him since he saw it. As he tries to change the future and save the love of his life, Barry has discovered what a difficult task that really is, even for a superhero. But how likely is it that Savitar will actually end up killing Iris?

So far, two of the future headlines that lead down the path of Iris’s death have already come true. Caitlin Snow, technically, betrayed the team by keeping a piece of the Philosopher’s Stone hidden from them, and Wally West has suffered “a fate worse than death” by being trapped in the Speed Force for an indiscernible amount of time. He’s still reeling from it.

And while Barry has proposed to Iris (for realzies this time) and possibly changed the future, there’s still a lot of doubt lingering around Iris’s future. Her fate might come down to revealing Savitar’s identity, Season 3’s other big question.

“It impacts everybody and makes them question everything that they’ve known for the past three seasons,” The Flash Executive Producer Aaron Helbing told Entertainment Weekly when asked about Savitar’s identity and the end of Season 3.

The two prophecies coming true, ending in Savitar’s escape from the Speed Force, really lend themselves to Iris’s death coming true, too. It almost feels inevitable at this point, something the writers obviously intended. They want their audience to feel as hopeless and distraught as the characters do.

But a real end to Iris would mean an end to one of the strongest (and definitely the most canon) ships on The Flash: WestAllen. And ending their relationship in a very real way would most likely result in a fandom riot.

Realistically, Iris will most likely die and then come back to life through some miraculous Speed Force manipulation. Her really dying and not being brought back to life isn’t the kind of thing The Flash messes around with, and WestAllen is just too good an OTP to throw it all away now.

The Flash airs Tuesday nights on The CW at 8 p.m. EST.

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