5 Big Questions for the'Star Wars Rebels' Season 3 Finale

Will Ezra survive? Will Thrawn? More cool cameos? 

Star Wars Rebels will finish its third season on Saturday night with a two-part, hour-long episode titled “Zero Hour.” The action promises to include an extravehicular spacewalk battle, classic Y-wing fighters zooming around, and Grand Admiral Thrawn doing a lot of scowling. After last week’s big Obi-Wan Kenobi versus Darth Maul episode, “Twin Suns,” there are lots of plots and ideas that are still developing on Rebels — more than enough to fill an entire hour.

This season has seen the formalization of the Rebel Alliance, Sabine reconciling her roots with the Mandalorians, Kanan talking to ghost buffaloes, Agent Kallus revealing his true loyalties, and Ezra teetering between the Light and Dark sides of the Force.

The title “Zero Hour” suggests it’s all going down in this next episode, but what are the biggest lingering question for this season of Star Wars Rebels? These five disturbances in the Force seem like big stuff to watch out for.

5. What Will Happen With Thrawn’s Big Offensive?

Since reintroducing the beloved, evil Imperial Grand Admiral into the Star Wars canon, Rebels had made Thrawn’s primary objective the total extermination of the Rebel Alliance. Since we know for a fact that Thrawn is not successful overall, the stakes are confusing. Will Thrawn succeed in wiping out a bunch of Rebel ships, leaving them desperate by the time of Rogue One and A New Hope. Or will he fail?

4. Sabine and the Mandalorians

Sabine’s legacy of being from the planet Mandalore was a big deal this season. By getting ahold of the darksaber, she’s now a huge deal with many sects of the Mandalorians who are not serving the Empire. The preview footage for “Zero Hour” shows many Mandalorians fighting with the Rebels. But where does Sabine fit into all of this? And is she going to continue to explore her Force-sensitive powers? And, if so, what does that mean for certain fan theories that suggest she’s related to Obi-Wan Kenobi?

3. Connections to the Rogue One Gang

Saw Gerrera showed up in this season of Rebels but hasn’t been seen since. Could he, or even a younger Jyn Erso, appear in this finale? At this point, Saw is still in good graces with the Rebel Alliance in general, so it stands to reason he could appear to bail them out. But other Rogue One characters might get into the mix, too. If Cassian Andor has been fighting for the Rebellion since he was “six years old,” then perhaps he’ll lend a hand in “Zero Hour,” too.

2. Ezra’s Darkness

Since the Season 2 finale of Rebels, the show has been toying with the idea that Ezra Bridger has more connections to the Dark Side than he probably should. Now that Darth Maul is dead, the biggest bad influence on Ezra’s life is out of the picture. And yet, because he so constantly gives into his anger, we have to wonder if this guy’s headed down a road to ruin? Heroically, Ezra and Kanan are openly swinging their lightsabers for the Rebels. But, by the time of Luke Skywalker (only a few years after Rebels), Jedi with lightsabers are super-scarce. So the question is, where did Ezra Bridger go?

1. Will There Be a Surprise Cameo or Hint About ‘The Last Jedi?’

So far, every season finale of Rebels has connected to the larger saga somehow. This has included appearances from Darth Vader and even a cross-guard lightsaber in the style of Kylo Ren. So, will “Zero Hour” also contain similar overt connections? With The Last Jedi just nine months away, it seems possible that discussions about Jedi temples, or even a certain someone named Luke could all be possible.

Tune in on Saturday, March 25 at 11 a.m. EST to find out what happens.

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