Watch the Full Robot Geisha Scene From 'Ghost in the Shell'

Ghost in the Shell comes out in a little more than a week, but the studio behind the big-screen adaptation of the iconic manga has shared the first five minutes of the movie. In the action-packed scene, Scarlett Johansson’s Major attempts to foil a violent data heist, executing several eerie robot geishas in the process. We’ve seen several short shots of the visually stunning scene before in various trailers, but now the entire thing is out for a more cohesive experience and a better taste of what to expect from the movie.

The scene opens with Major on a skyscraper’s roof overlooking a dazzling, neon-lit skyline. Several floors underneath her, a foreign president is meeting with a powerful robotics executive. Major and her team are worried that something is going to go down, and they’re right. When armed gunman storm the room and the doll-like geishas turn into evil brain-sucking robot spider, Major takes a leap from the roof, turns invisible, and kicks ass.

The clip follows another sizable chunk of footage that Paramount revealed earlier this week. Like the geisha scene, the Major’s epic water fight has also been featured prominently in the trailers, though it’s something else to see it stand alone.

Presumably, things will be even more astounding when people catch the full movie, which hits theaters on March 31.