Rosita Is Either Saved or Screwed on 'The Walking Dead'

In the final moments of this week’s The Walking Dead, Sasha abandons Rosita to enact a solo suicide mission among the Saviors. After realizing she’s been left alone, Rosita turns and spots a shadowy figure. The silhouetted man carries a quiver of arrows on his back, which means he’s one of two characters. Rosita’s life will depend on who he turns out to be, so let’s analyze the possibilities.

If the shadowy figure is Daryl Dixon, that means he recovered from his teary talk with Maggie just in time to ride like a bat out of hell over to the Saviors’ camp. That’s unlikely, but it would be pretty sweet to watch Daryl thrust himself into the battle against Negan right after confessing his guilt and inner turmoil.

The more likely scenario is that Rosita will assume the archer is Daryl, and perhaps let her guard down fast enough for Negan’s archer, Dwight, to take advantage of her. Then again, if the shadowy figure is Dwight, there’s a possibility that he’ll reveal himself as a double agent.

Dwight addresses Rick peacefully in 'The Walking Dead' comics


In the Walking Dead comics by Robert Kirkman, Dwight works loyally for Negan until the Savior’s leader decides to steal Dwight’s wife. Feeling betrayed, Dwight leads a coup to usurp Negan, and he leads the Saviors for two years afterward, maintaining a tenuous, but not outright violent, relationship with Rick and the gang.

Considering we saw Eugene reveal his true colors this week, telling Sasha and Rosita to leave him alone and let him serve Negan, the show would benefit from some satisfying narrative symmetry in trading one double agent for another. If Negan’s Saviors get Eugene, that is, let Rick’s survivor group take Dwight in return.

Eugene and Dwight on 'The Walking Dead'


In conclusion, if next week’s episode reveals that Rosita has run into Dwight instead of Daryl, buckle your seat-belt: Things might not be as bad as they seem.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC at 9 p.m. EST.

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