Watch a Bunch of Suckers Get Demolished by Snow When a Train Flies By

For large parts of the Northeast, the big blizzard that threatened to bury everyone in feet of snow ended up being nothing more than a gross, slushy mess, but some people still got hit with a lot of snow. Like, for instance, this group of people standing on a train platform in New York state that just got fucking demolished when an Amtrak plowed through the snow-covered tracks.

Dramatic video of the event, which was captured and shared on Facebook by Craig Oleszewski, showed the train barreling down towards the platform as onlookers, who don’t seem nearly concerned enough about what’s about to happen, stand idly by. Oleszewski told WABC that the locomotive, Amtrak train 236, was due into Rhinecliff, New York, at 9:07 a.m. It was the first train to come down that stretch of track since winter storm Stella covered them with a blanket of snow.

The speeding train sent snow flying into the air in a massive wave, just wrecking the people (like Oleszewski himself) who were filming its approach.

Another bystander, Nick Colvin, shared an even more amazing view of the train and the wintry mayhem it caused. He uploaded a slow-motion video to YouTube that shows the chaos in crisp detail. It’s like a ballet, only instead of trained dancers, it’s a multi-ton locomotive, ice, and some rubes on a train platform.