'The 100' Goes Full 'Fast and Furious'

In "We Will Rise," the show goes on the road. 

The CW

In “We Will Rise,” the sixth episode of The 100’s fourth season, the show goes full Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift with its most wild ride yet, and it all starts with a life or death mission, as per usual.

Clarke, Bellamy, and Roan — a power trio if there ever was one — need to drive fuel across hostile territory in order to bring it to Raven for her rocket “make nightblood in space” mission, thereby saving humanity. On the way, they must be careful to avoid bumps in the road so the fuel doesn’t blow them all up or spill, because they need every drop. As Roan sardonically says after Monty breaks this all down, “What could possibly go wrong?”

To nobody’s surprise, everything. Clarke, Bellamy, and Roan encounter Trikru members who are rightfully hostile to Ice Nation because they, uh, burned their villages. After stopping in the middle of the road to offer aid to a wounded Trikru member (or as Bellamy says, “being Clarke”), the three must burn rubber to escape when the Trikru figures out that Clarke and Bellamy are on a road trip with Ice Nation. But it’s not that easy, because the Trikru track them down and kidnap Clarke and the truck of fuel when Bellamy and Roan walk away. The two men race in the Rover to catch up to Clarke, the fuel, and the Trikru members.

Power trio

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The ensuing scene is a relatively straightforward action sequence without complication, but it’s a hell of a lot of fun to watch. Roan leaps from one car to another in gloriously dramatic slow motion and proceeds to beat the shit out of the Trikru man who kidnaped Clarke. It’s one of the best Roan episodes to date. Behind the wheel, Bellamy steers his car to cut Clarke’s off and shoot the Trikru member forcing her to drive. And Clarke manages to wrestle control of her car just in time to dramatically stop in front of Bellamy and exchange a patented Clarke and Bellamy “we did it!” look.

The action draws upon The 100’s strengths: It’s not trying to be smart by getting convoluted but merely playing with its characters strengths to spill a fun, wild yarn. And in the show’s true fashion, it all goes to shit at the end anyway, as they lose one all-important fuel barrel.

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