Try These ‘Overwatch’ Custom Game Modes

Players are coming up with some great custom games, even ones for "Hamilton' fans.

Nicholas Bashore

Just last month video game developer Blizzard announced that a dedicated server browser would be coming to Overwatch. This would allow members of the community to share and participate in custom games modes with other players. Originally it was a feature only available to Overwatch players on PC via the game’s public testing region, but this past week Blizzard launched the feature across all platforms, allowing console players to create and play some crazy custom game types with their friends.

The Game Browser allows you to drastically modify every aspect of the Overwatch experience but also find custom games to participate in via matchmaking in the Arcade. Since the feature first launched across all platforms last week, players have been creating some fantastic game modes, many of which are worth trying out for yourself. Here’s a selection of some of the best modes that rise above all the rest, including one for Hamilton fans:

Nicholas Bashore


Easily one of our favorite custom game modes available so far, Necromercy revolves around the concept of creating a massive boss fight. This puts six normal characters against a single overpowered tank to see who walks away triumphant. These tend to be a little one-sided, however, which is where Mercy comes into play. Essentially, one team consists of a heavily buffed Mercy alongside an army of A.I. bots, while the other consisting entirely of human players works to take them all down and capture the points on the map. With Mercy’s Resurrect ultimate charging up quickly due to her buff, the A.I. bots can be brought back to life every 30 seconds or so, making this feel like a combination of standard Overwatch matches and the Halloween Brawl from last year.


While the stealthy and charismatic Sombra hasn’t received as much love from the community as expected in Competitive Play, the Game Browser is looking to change that with a take on the Predator that’s just as intense as the movies. In this custom game mode, three players play as Soldier: 76 while trying to survive and eliminate “the Predator,” who in this case will be Sombra. Set the game type to an Elimination match with no hero limits and no heath bars before forming your two teams. Three players will join the same team and pick Soldier: 76 while the Predator will pick Sombra and join the opposite team. Make sure to severely buff Sombra’s abilities, health pool, and movement speed while reducing Soldier: 76’s. Also, remove Soldier: 76’s abilities and then start up the match. Team Soldier: 76 then must survive against Sombra’s attacks, winning rounds by staying alive until the clock runs out.

Lucio Racing

If you thought catching a Lucio player using his speed boost was a pain in standard play, just wait until you see his movement speed cranked up to the maximum in a custom game. The basic premise of Lucio Racing is simple: Just crank up movement speed to the maximum amount allowed in the Game Browser while keeping ability cooldowns standard. Next, have everyone pick Lucio as their character. Once you’ve all lined up on a specific side of the map, give a go signal and race to the over side of the map as quickly as you can by using his wall runs and abilities. We’d recommend picking a straightforward racetrack, like Numbani or Route 66, but that’s a decision which is entirely up to you.


It’s possible to rig up a version of badminton in Volskaya Industries with a group of 5 or 7 players (depending on if you’d rather play 1v1 or 2v2 with your friends). First, be sure to turn the ability cooldown modifier to 0% and select Skirmish as your game mode to prevent the clock from running out too quickly. Move to the first capture point area of the map and set up a net by having two Mercy’s heal each other across the court, then have a Junkrat stand atop the small building nearby. Players participating in the badminton match then take their places on each side of the map as Genjis, taking turns deflecting one of Junkrat’s grenades until someone misses or gets knocked out from an explosion.

Nicholas Bashore

McCree Duel to the Death

If you have always dreamed of reenacting the climax of Hamilton in Overwatch, then you’re in luck. With the custom matches, there’s a way to turn McCree’s machismo down a few notches for a good ole fashioned Western duel, preferably on the theme-appropriate Route 66 if you’re feeling up to it. We recommend putting player health to around 25% while turning abilities off and cranking up the damage modifier to 200%. Naturally, you can mix and match the rules as you’d like, but going for the famous ten paces after standing back-to-back before firing is the way to go.

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