Near-Future Tech We Can Expect in 2029, According to 'Logan'

Evil corn and bionic arms.

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James Mangold’s Logan is a neo-Western superhero movie that takes place in the not-so-distant future. Superhero movies are typically packed to the gills with cool, reality shattering technology — Iron Man has his suits and Batman has a whole cave filled with fun trinkets — but the events of Logan are set in 2029 and involve a future not too different from our present. Some of the technology has just gotten a little cooler in the past 20 years.

This post contains spoilers for Logan.

Logan takes place with very little context for why the world is the way it is or how mutants got to where they are. So, of course, there’s no real explanation for the technology in 2029. It just is. No one questions it beyond seeing it working as an inconvenience — Logan doesn’t like autonomous trucks because they get in the way and corn is taking over the world.

Here are 5 near-future technologies and enhancements we can expect by 2029, according to Logan.

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5. Really cool limos

Not only does Logan’s 2025 Chrysler look sleeker and far more futuristic than anything on the roads today, it’s also got a killer GPS, a powerful engine that is good for outrunning bad guys, and it holds up pretty well in a firefight to boot.

4. Excessively modified food

The Munson family’s struggles seem to come from a lot of the land around them being bought up by corn syrup companies to grow miles of genetically modified super corn that’s resistant to herbicides and more natural pests. And while that’s all well and good, it’s also revealed to be the thing that helped Zander Rice (Richard E. Grant) wipe out all the mutants. The corn is a tool for evil.

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3. Monstrous corn threshers

Something’s got to collect all that corn, and the gigantic corn threshers in the Munsons’ backyard — which Will Munson describes as “dinosaurs” — are up for the job. They’re also equally impressive and a little scary.

2. Autonomous trucks

Logan, Charles, and Laura first come across the Munson family when their horse trailer is pushed off the road by Logan’s run-in with a driverless semi truck. While the trucks — large and flat-faced — look to do okay by themselves for the most part in 2029, clearly they’ve still got some bugs to work out, such as not accidentally running a pick-up truck off the highway.

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1. Bionic limbs

Boyd Holbrook’s Donald Pierce may be nasty, underhanded, and hunting down a little girl, but he’s one hell of a cyborg. Pierce’s right hand and forearm have been replaced with what looks to be an incredibly intelligent cybernetic arm that behaves just like a real hand — complete with realistic bone structure, (beyond) full movement, and sensitive fingertips.

Logan is now in theaters.

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