New 'Blade Runner' Photos Offer Neon Glimpses of Future LA

Blade Runner 2049 doesn’t come out until October 6, but on Friday afternoon, several new stills from the film turned up on Facebook, offering vivid glimpses into the world of LAPD Officer K (Ryan Gosling), who’s turned up something that leads him to events that happened 30 years earlier.

We know from the official synopsis that K, a modern “Blade Runner” — the name given to hunters of replicants — runs into his predecessor from another generation, the long lost Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford). We learned in the trailer that was released in December that Deckard’s been in hiding. He points a gun at K when they first meet. Things are tense.

Up until Friday, there was merely the trailer to pore over, but now we have photos that show Gosling, Ford, director Denis Villeneuve (Arrival) and producer Ridley Scott, along with Ana de Armas, who plays Joi, rumored to be a replicant.

Here’s the gallery:

Hey girl.Facebook
Director Denis VilleneuveFacebook
Ridley Scott, who directed the 1982 original and is a producer on the sequel, and Harrison Ford.Facebook
Ryan Gosling and Ana de ArmasFacebook
Harrison FordFacebook
Hey. Hey.Facebook

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