Unofficial 'Power Rangers' Movie Art Compares The Red Rangers


In a short month, the world will morph in time again for Saban’s Power Rangers. The new movie, directed by Dean Israelite (Project Almanac), retells the origins of the famed ‘90s superheroes and their first fight against the evil Rita Repulsa, now played by Elizabeth Banks. The new movie has re-energized a sleeping fanbase, including a Redditor named Bigslaw, who posted on Reddit’s Power Rangers community, r/powerrangers, a neat Star Trek: Generations-style tribute pitting the Red Ranger of 2017 against the original from 1993.

“Had some free time, so I put this together,” Bigslaw wrote on Reddit. The work has delighted the community, enough that David Fielding — who played Zordon in the original television series — shared the work on his Facebook page.

The image itself is sharp and eye-catching: On the left, the movie Red Ranger (Darce Montgomery) stares down the original TV Red Ranger (Austin St. John), with both their respective Zordons — the wise alien wizard who mentors the Power Rangers — in the background. Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston is providing his voice and motion-capture for Zordon in the new movie.

One Redditor criticized Bigslaw for placing the past Red Ranger on the right and not the left. But the original art Bigslaw sourced his piece from came from new posters released this week by Lionsgate, where the Rangers face to the right.

Bigslaw also made two versions: The original designates the years both Red Rangers originate, and a textless one. Below, the original Bigslaw posted:

And the textless version that’s hella sweet for a Facebook cover photo.

Saban’s Power Rangers will be released March 24.

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