The New Prologue for 'Alien: Covenant' Has a Foreboding Edge

Only in the Alien universe would you see somebody choking at the dinner table and expect a chestburster to crack through their rib cage. However, in the just-released short film “prologue” to the upcoming Alien: Covenant movie, we get to know the crew as they enjoy their ominous “last supper.”

The nearly five-minute-long short, which dropped during Legion on Wednesday night, features all the stars of Alien: Covenant, including Katherine Waterston’s Ripley lookalike, James Franco’s captain, and Michael Fassbender’s robot character, David. When we meet the crew, they’re enjoying a raucous, boozy meal before they enter cryosleep.

As they drink and party, we learn that they’re headed off of Earth for good as part of “the first-ever large-scale colonization mission to come this far into our galaxy.” It’s a little bittersweet, but the dinner is interrupted when somebody starts to choke. Any veteran Alien fan knows exactly what to expect, but it seems like these guys won’t be beset by real Xenomorphs until after breakfast. (Based on the responses on Twitter, though, pretty much everyone fell for the chestburster fake out.)

Everyone will rouse from their cryoslumber on May 19 when Alien: Covenant hits theaters. Remember to chew your popcorn, otherwise you might start a chestbursting panic.

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