'The 100' Kills Octavia, as Far as Bellamy Knows

In Season 4, Episode 4, "A Lie Guarded," Octavia dies ... sort of. 

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The fourth episode of The 100’s fourth season, “A Lie Guarded,” is all about bringing down the Blake siblings. First, King Roan’s patience for Skaikru’s vague promises runs out and he dissolves their alliance, throwing Bellamy and Marcus in prison. Then, Octavia Blake seemingly dies.

After King Roan proclaims that Skaikru and Ice Nation are now enemies, Octavia flees. A group of Ice Nation warriors catches up to her in a field overlooking a cliff. After she defeats two people at once — because of course she does — Echo finally bests her. Echo seems as stunned as the audience is by this development, as she watches Octavia stagger off a cliff and says respectfully, “Your fight is over.” While Echo could easily be a black-and-white Lady Macbeth villain, it’s yet another moment that humanizes her.

Wisely, the show does not try to trick the audience about Octavia’s death. Almost immediately, we’re clued into her survival. Improbably, she’s alive after falling a thousand feet off a cliff, and her horse is there to rescue her.

Octavia in "A Lie Guarded" 

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But unfortunately, although we know she still breathes, Bellamy doesn’t. When Roan and Echo deliver the news at the episode’s end, he breaks down in a way we haven’t seen since Season 1. Even when their relationship has soured of late, Octavia has always been crucial to his sense of purpose. Just four episodes into the season, Bellamy is in the lowest and darkest place he could possibly be. Octavia is gone, the world is ending, he’s in prison, and King Roan is about to seize his home and kill his remaining found family.

Even Roan and Echo drop their hostile act, clearly feeling sympathy as Bellamy reacts to the news. “It was a good death,” Echo assures him. The sequence reinforces how strongly The 100 drags its characters through the ringer and how Bellamy Blake is the show’s heart.

The 100 Season 4 is currently airing Wednesday nights on The CW.

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