New 'GoT' Character Will Shake Up the North in Season 7


A new brand-new character could change the entire balance of power in the North in Game of Thrones Season 7. Alys Karstark — a character from the books — will appear onscreen for the first time in the series.

Watchers on the Wall reports that actress Megan Parkinson has joined the cast as Alys Karstark. As she plays a minor role, this is not riveting information on its own — but it says a lot about the balance of power in the North in Season 7, as well as the power of young girls.

Recall that the Karstark family is an important ally of House Stark. Unfortunately, during his ill-fated rule, Robb Stark fractured that alliance by executing Rickard Karstark. The House subsequently allied with the Boltons during their rule. But his daughter Alys, who will appear onscreen for the first time in Season 7, is a spirited teenage girl who comes to Jon Snow’s aid in the books. While it’s at a different moment in the story, the sentiment remains, that she could help Jon’s goal of putting the fractured North back together and boost morale among the Bannermen….much like another headstrong young female head of a House.

Could Alys Karstark give Lyanna Mormont a run for her money?

“The North remembers who united it. The North remembers who defended it. And the North remembers who stole it,” Sansa says in a Season 6 extra. Alys Karstark’s presence will help the North remember.

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