Superman’s Son Is an Anime Nerd, Loves Naruto in 'Super Sons'

Know Your Meme

Jon Kent is just an average ten-year-old boy, his half-Kryptonian heritage notwithstanding. So it’s not surprising that in Peter Tomasi’s Super Sons #1, which came out this week, Jon has posters for popular anime like Naruto and Dragon Ball Z in his room. But being the son of Superman, does that mean Jon would cheer for his dad’s anime rival, Goku?

In Super Sons, Robin drops in after Jon’s bedtime to bring him in on a mission in Metropolis. In Jon’s room, artist Jorge Jimenez threw in Easter eggs like the posters of Goku and Naruto, the main characters of the two most popular anime and manga in the world. The thing is, fans of Dragon Ball Z and DC have long debated over a crossover battle that may never be: Superman vs. Goku.

Because of their unmatched prestige in their respective mediums and similar origin stories — both Superman and Goku are the last survivors of their alien race and protect Earth from other alien menaces — fans have debated who would win in a one-on-one fight to the death. The meme has been played out online in shows like Epic Rap Battles and in two episodes of ScrewAttack’s Death Battle.

While Jon Kent is proud to be Superman’s son, it’s curious who he’d root for if a battle such as this were to ever happen.

"Jon! Are you watching that Pokemans again?"DC Comics

Super Sons is the first issue of a new series pairing Jon Kent with Damian Wayne, the brash and over-confident son of Batman currently possessing the Robin mantle. Like their dads, Jon and Damian’s partnership is complicated and could be properly classified as “frenemies,” even if Super Sons will force them to work together. The first issue is available now.