Rey Will Wield Luke's Lightsaber in 'The Last Jedi'


Rey is back in The Last Jedi, and she’s bringing Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber with her. The former Jakku scavenger did a lot of growing up in The Force Awakens and initially rejected the responsibility of ferrying Luke and Anakin’s iconic blue saber to the exiled Jedi. The last image of the first movie in the new trilogy was her literally trying to give it away. But one of the first official images from Rian Johnson’s latest Star Wars episode, The Last Jedi, shows that she kept it for herself.

Rey looks way more confident in this image than the skittish loner she was in The Force Awakens. Also, all that Jedi training looks to have inspired a change in her hairstyle as well. We can’t quite make out if she kept her Jakku costume from The Force Awakens and continued to wear the fancy get-up the Resistance gave her before she flew off in the Millennium Falcon to find Luke on Ahch-To. But it does look like there could be a hint of what looks like her own spin on Jedi robes.

Scope out the box art below:

Poe, Rey, and Finn are back in 'The Last Jedi.'


Rey is flanked on either side by Poe and Finn as well. It seems like Lucasfilm just basically took a still of Poe from The Force Awakens and slapped it on the box for The Last Jedi. But Finn looks like he also got a bit of a wardrobe makeover. He’s still wearing Poe’s jacket, but he looks like he’s sporting a Han Solo-esque open shirt this time around.

The image comes from box art Lucasfilm included with their announcement for Force Friday II, which will be on September 1. If you remember correctly, Force Friday is the day that all the new toys and sweet sweet merchandising items from the new Star Wars episodes get released. Estimates for the first Force Friday event for The Force Awakens predicted that toys tied to that movie could generate $5 billion in sales within the year after the film’s release. The toys for The Last Jedi will inevitably do the same, if not more.

Force Friday will unload toys on the nerdy masses at the beginning of September, while The Last Jedi hits theaters on December 15.

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