Finn's 'Last Jedi' Mission Means the Return of the Super Star Destroyer


Super Star Destroyers are prime targets for rebels, but the First Order doesn’t seem to have learned from its predecessor’s mistakes. Finn’s secret mission in Star Wars: The Last Jedi might be to take one down for good.

A rumor currently floating around in this galaxy pegs Finn’s “secret mission” in The Last Jedi to a First Order Super Star Destroyer. The unverified plot leak from Making Star Wars weaves a tale of a brand new kind of Super Star Destroyer and an undercover Finn in a First Order officer’s uniform.

The post poses that Finn and Kelly Marie Tran’s unknown character appear to plant explosives on a ship of some sort, which is thought to be this new Super Star Destroyer. It’s described as: “just a gigantic huge wedge, solid, and dark. I speculate this is the main command ship of the First Order in The Last Jedi.” Whereas the Empire’s Destroyers were more substantial, the First Order seems to have pulled an Apple, making its ships thinner, sleeker, and darker in color over time.

It’s unclear how Finn will manage to get aboard this new Destroyer, as the last time he was seen on screen he was severely injured. The same fan blog has theorized that Finn will take a dip in a bacta tank for some much-needed healing, meaning Finn could be ready to go by the time his mission comes along.

Supposedly, Finn will infiltrate one of the First Order’s Destroyers disguised as an officer.

The gist is that a stormtrooper that used to know Finn slaps his ass; knowing him back when he was FN-2187, the trooper clearly doesn’t know what actually happened on Starkiller Base. We were told Finn was undercover in the sequence and we figured the trooper thought Finn was undercover too, hence their unusual interaction. However, knowing he wears this uniform, we now think there’s a solid chance the trooper is congratulating Finn on his promotion within the First Order itself, not congratulating him for becoming a Resistance infiltrator as we first interpreted the information.

And if this Super Star Destroyer is “the main command ship of the First Order,” then this could be a vitally important mission for the Resistance.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is expected in theaters December 15.

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