Beyoncé's Regal Grammy Performance Was Visually Stunning 


Getty Images / Kevin Winter

A Beyoncé show is always something to get excited about, but expectations were especially high on Sunday since the Lemonade singer’s performance at the Grammys was also her first public performance since revealing that she was pregnant again — this time, with twins. Beyoncé did not disappoint.

During the nine-minute performance, Beyoncé sang the Lemonade cuts “Love Drought” and “Sandcastles,” but that only begins to describe what the set was like. After her mother, Tina Knowles introduced her, Beyoncé came out onto a dark stage wearing a golden dress that, yes, showed off her baby bump, and a crown that had many making Queen of Sheba comparisons. A stunning, ethereal combination of lighting and seamless video projections danced around and transformed the 35-year-old artist, eventually revealing a massive ensemble of backup dancers behind her as she delivered an ode to motherhood in a voiceover.

“Do you remember being born?” her monologue opens. “Are you thankful for the hips that cracked? The deep velvet of your mother? And her mother? And her mother?”

Queen Bey.

Getty Images / Kevin Winter

“If we’re gonna heal … let it be glorious,” she finished.

Reported the Los Angeles Times, there were thousands of flowers on the floor of L.A.’s Staples Center.