The 16 Best Looks From Beyoncé's 'Lemonade'

Beyoncé dropped a bombshell of an album.

Beyoncé broke the internet on Saturday night with the music film Lemonade, — which aired on HBO — and her album of the same name that dropped on Tidal directly after the conclusion of the hour-long film. The film was visually bold and musically ambitious, but it was the not-so-cryptic message it delivered that sent Twitter ablaze: the 34-year-old superstar, notoriously private, seemed to spend much of the hour ripping apart her husband Jay-Z for for infidelity.

So this is all you’re going to hear about for the foreseeable future, and with good reason: She made the most intimate details of her marriage public in one of the boldest acts of celebrity — and feminism — in quite some time.

The speculation about her marriage isn’t yet confirmed, so let’s just look at what we know so far, and breakdown some of the most trippy, visually stunning, and wild moments from her 58-minute-long Lemonade film and music video.

Ominous southern characters

Beyoncé jumps off a building

A gasp could be heard echoing across the world when Beyoncé jumps off a building and a rag doll figure plummets to the pavement before the camera cuts away at the last minute.

Beyoncé is baptized

As Beyoncé appears to hit the pavement she’s instantly transported to this underwater mansion. Baptism is a device used in a lot of narratives but it’s used quite effectively here as the whole dynamic switches fast after she recites a vulnerable poem.

Badass Beyoncé

Here’s where she really turns on Jay Z and starts symbolically going through a town and destroying cars with a baseball bat.

More destruction

She destroys some more cars on the way out in a monster truck.


The images fans got saw a week ago in the trailer are back in a scene/ song called “Anger.”


Beyoncé joins a bus full of women in African paint designs while quoting Malcolm X.

Stunning Visuals

Just take a minute to appreciate all the work that has gone into the visual aspect of this music album.


Beyoncé here is comparing the rituals of sex to actual candle light rituals.

Set the whole house on fire

Here she’s combining the southern imagery with that anger expressed earlier.

Beyoncé’s country song

The pop diva has a country song and it draws from southern blues and New Orleans jazz.


Despite this image, Lemonade is not a syndicated broadcast of the NFL.

Jay Z makes an appearance.

The rapper appears in her film during a powerful ballad.

Black Lives Matter

Michael Brown’s mother holds a photo of her son who was killed by police in Ferguson in 2014.


Formation only shows up in the credits of the film, but it’s a theme throughout the album.


For all the talk of a infidelity and all the intensely negative things about Jay Z on this record, in the end, they’re trying to make it work.

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