These 'Logan' TV Spots Feature New Shots of Caliban and X-23


Hugh Jackman will return to the big screen in Logan, which hits theaters next month. The newest installment in the series promises to be the bleakest yet. Professor X is no longer the powerful man he once was, and the mutants are scattered to the wind. And for fans that are hungry for new details about the upcoming film, you’re in luck. This weekend we got a new glimpse at Logan. It’s been three years since The Wolverine, so it feels appropriate that we got three new television spots, complete with new shots of Laura Kinney/X-23 and Caliban. Logan, of course, features prominently, and we get plenty of scenes in which he kicks ass with X-23, but we’re just as interested in seeing these new shots of characters besides Logan.

In one clip, we see a new shot of Laura running with some other children. It’s possible that these kids are the subjects of other mutant experiments, but they could also be part of the Morlocks, outcasts even to other mutants, which we suspect may play a role in the new film. And speaking of the Morlocks, we get a great new shot of Caliban, in which he looks a bit worse for wear. Fans are used to him looking rather monstrous, but in this new shot, he looks more sickly and ghoulish than most fans are probably used to seeing him.

Without further ado, here are the new clips from Logan.

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