This Map Shows How Winter Storm Niko is Wrecking NYC Flight Plans


A new map shows how a snowstorm in the northeastern United States is wreaking havoc on flight schedules. New York City, a major hub for air travel, is experiencing severe delays due to the storm named Niko, with many flights outright canceled.

As of this writing at 9:15 a.m. Thursday, there have been 3,288 flights delayed and 3,170 flights canceled, according to Flight Aware. It’s pretty fascinating to see the storm rolling over airports and causing mass cancellations, represented by circular progress bars above each major transit hub.

Below is an animated map of Thursday’s flight cancellations. You can see that flights scheduled at the point when the snowstorm hits the city are most likely to be canceled.


The storm is slowing things down on the ground, too: The National Weather Service issued warnings about the storm with projected snow accumulation of 10 to 14 inches of snow.

With the data broken out visually, the map shows how an unusual number of flights were canceled specifically due to the weather.


This map above breaks out the flights scheduled to leave New York airports, showing how some routes have been affected more than others:

Depending if temperatures drop to 10 degrees Fahrenheit or less, or if more than five inches of snow accumulates, some express metro services may run local, while other services could end early.