Two Legends of Tomorrow Hook Up During the Revolutionary War

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The concept of a “Christmas Episode” gets kind of confusing when it’s early February in the real world and the TV show in question is all about time travel, so it’s not like the characters are paying close attention to when holidays are coming up. Still, on Tuesday’s episode of Legends of Tomorrow, the crew of the Waverider travels to the American Revolution to save George Washington’s life on Christmas Eve. And, while they’re there, Rory becomes an American hero, Nate and Amaya have sex, and Sara kind of dies for a little bit. Merry Christmas!

The team heads to 1776 to save a Founding Father knowing that it’s probably a Legion of Doom trap, but they don’t know that Rip — their now-evil former team leader — is the one behind it. After a brief showdown, Rip shoots Sara while Redcoats get away with Washington and Rory as prisoners. It’s up to Nate and Amaya to track them down.

Except … the two get a little sidetracked. After Nate explains Tinder, 21st-century dating, and the concept of casual sex to Amaya (who, remember, is from the 1940s), he falls into some frigid water. The only way to warm him up, Amaya says, is skin-to-skin contact. Things just kind of escalate from there. If you were shipping Amaya and Rory after seeing how close the two got in the first half of the season, this was probably a bit of a bummer episode for you. Thing is, it was also a bummer for Nate. At the end of the hour, Amaya tells Nate she had fun, but that she doesn’t think teammates should fraternize in that way. It’s chill, just like Nate explained.

Except Nate, poor lovestruck Nate, is not really chill.

They sure do things differently up in Boston, eh?

Warner Bros. Television.

While Nate and Amaya are doin’ the deed, Rip infiltrates the Waverider to acquire the Spear of Destiny fragment and, oh yeah, Sara straight-up dies … for a little bit. Gideon, sensing brain activity, is able to bring Sara back to life just in time for her to stop Jax from enacting murderous revenge against Rip.

Sara talks him down, and the Legends (minus a still evil Rip), gather in the Waverider for a time-displaced Christmas celebration as a truly strange superhero family. Oh, come on, like you’ve never had a weird holiday.

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