Billy Dee Williams Explains Lando Calrissian's Essential Trait

Between card-playing and gambling his way through the galaxy, Lando Calrissian’s habits make him a legend, but what makes the man? Billy Dee Williams has revealed the key ingredient that defines the Lando-ness of Lando.

Reflecting on his recent lunch with new Lando actor Donald Glover, Billy Dee Williams called the character of Lando “eclectic,” and explained that he felt his successor had that quality in spades. Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, Billy Dee Williams said “Donald is eclectic, I think that’s really important particularly for the character of Lando. He is particularly eclectic in the way he approaches his art.” The original Lando also said he thought of Glover as “worldly,” which will doubtlessly inform the younger incarnation of the beloved Star Wars character.

Though he’s pro-Donald Glover, Billy Dee Williams also expressed reluctance at the thought of letting go of the character he created. “I just never thought of anybody else being Lando,” the actor said. “I just see myself as Lando.”

While Lando has returned to the Star Wars universe in episodes of Rebels, it’s unclear if Billy Dee William’s version of the iconic gambler will appear in The Last Jedi or its sequel, Star Wars: Episode IX.

Here’s everything we know about the Han and Lando movie.

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