Everything You Need to Know About 'Hitman: Season 1'

Agent 47 is back with a complete collection. 

Square Enix

Originally released in March 2016, Hitman is the latest entry in the long-running video game series dedicated to the exploits of the famous assassin in red and black, Agent 47. Developed by IO Interactive and published by Square Enix, Hitman released in a series of episodes which broke the experience into six different parts that spanned the better half of 2016. Now available in a complete collection for those who didn’t purchase the first season of content, Hitman: Season 1 brings every mission, contract, and challenge to players looking to work through the complete game instead of waiting for each episode individually.

As expected, players take on the role of Agent 47 to carry out a series of assassination contracts around the world. But while many key elements from previous installments remain, there’s a few new things you should know about Hitman before diving in.

Environments Are Massive

IO interactive built Hitman with an open-world approach to level design in mind. Every mission provides you with a specific target to eliminate and a series of challenges to complete while doing so, but instead of having to eliminate them in a specific way, you’re encouraged to experiment. Your target can be dealt with however you see fit provided you have the means to do so, which opens loads of creative avenues. Sure, using a silenced pistol is great, but nothing beats shooting your target into the air after you’ve tricked him into testing the ejection seat of his plane. Remember to always strive for creative assassinations in Hitman; you won’t be disappointed.

Nicholas Bashore

Hitman Was Built to Be Replayed

Thanks to IO Interactive’s heavy focus on massive environments, Hitman is a game which is meant to be replayed continuously. Every assassination you work to pull off successfully through the game’s six episodes have at least three different outcomes depending on how you play. For example, Hitman allows you to eliminate targets from a distance without getting your hands dirty using a silenced sniper rifle, or you can waltz right into the building and swap through a series of disguises to deal with targets in a more personal manner.

Information Is Everything

Every contract you accept comes with a package of information about your current target and the location you’ll be deployed to in order to eliminate them. Regardless of how prepared you might think you are for the situation at hand, there’s always more information to be found out about the map. By quietly moving about or using a disguise to eavesdrop on NPCs, you can obtain a wealth of information about your target’s personal habits, schedule, security detail, and more. This information can often be used to make your job easier or to unlock unique assassinations, so be sure to comb over every little detail.

Nicholas Bashore

Stealth Is Still Key

Even though the latest installment is filled with dozens of strategies for eliminating your targets, stealth is still a major part of successfully pulling off a mission no matter how much firepower you have at your disposal. Reckless actions such as planting explosives or openly carrying assault rifles have consequences during missions that you must prepare for by using disguises or hiding in the right places. If you plan to use heavy weaponry, make sure you have the disguise that allows you to do so in front of fellow soldiers, and if you plan to blow a target sky-high with explosives, make sure you’re far, far away before setting them off. NPCs in Hitman aren’t completely oblivious to the world around them and should always be treated with respect, otherwise you might find yourself in a firefight you simply can’t win.

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