Wolverine and X-23 Kick Ass in 'Logan' Super Bowl Trailer

Hugh Jackman’s supposed last hurrah as Wolverine, Logan, comes out in March and its Super Bowl trailer showed that the movie has certainly earned its hard R-rating on violence alone.

The 30-second spot shows images of the villainous Caliban and a scene of Patrick Stewarts’s Professor X looking like he’s seen better days.

The bulk of the trailer, though, was pure action, with Wolverine and X-23, a young mutant who is very much like him, just cutting down some goons with guns. Their teamwork is pretty great, it would seem, since X-23 uses Wolverine’s back to launch herself, claws-first, at her unfortunate victim. The violence we’re seeing onscreen is contrasted by the trailer’s choice of song — “Amazing Grace.” It’s no Johnny Cash’s “Hurt,” as we heard in the amazing first trailer, but it shows that Logan is going to be deadly serious.

Watch the trailer below, and look for Logan when it slashes into theaters on March 3, 2017.

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