Jeff's Small Penis Makes Him a Star on 'Jeff & Some Aliens'

Jeff becomes an extraterrestrial Instagram influencer all because of "little nubbins."

Comedy Central

How far would you go to become famous on social media? Better yet, how far would you go to become social media famous to the citizens of an alien planet, all because you want them to laugh at your small penis. On Wednesday’s Jeff and Some Aliens episode, the less-than-upstanding title character has to save his bedridden father from dying, and the only way to do it is to become a notable social media personality and influencer on his alien buddies’ home planet.

It all starts with a fart. Jeff rips a real killer silent-but-deadly one and hot boxes the car with his mom and dad inside, forcing his father to lose control of the wheel and skid off the road. With dad holding on for dear life after the accident, the aliens come to Jeff’s aid with some alien technology. On their home planet, something called a laughter disc acts as something of a cure-all. The only thing Jeff needs to do to cure his dad’s deadly injuries is collect enough laughs. A failed stint at stand-up comedy doesn’t do the trick, but a moment of Jeff’s clumsiness caught on Jimmy, Ted, and Sammy’s mobile device and posted to a kind of alien Instagram does the trick.

Jeff racks up the shares and likes and, by default, the laughs too. “I just think of the dumbest things and don’t second guess myself!” he says. The alien homeworld loves Jeff’s schtick, and his status among the extra terrestrials rises with each click of the social media buttons. But just as he’s about to complete the laughing disc, Jeff’s meteoric millennial rise comes crashing down when he makes some insensitive remarks about the size of his alien pal’s antennae — a seriously sore subject for their species. But he has a plan to save his dad.

Laughter and small penises are the best medicine. 

Comedy Central

Jeff becomes a contestant on the galaxy’s most popular reality show, Dancing with the Stars on the Stars, and in the middle of the routine, he confronts his alien fans. He too has a small antennae of sorts: a micropenis that was nicknamed “little nubbins” by the bullies at summer camp. “Do you have any idea what it’s like to be mocked for something that has nothing to do with who you are on the inside?” Jeff asks a rapt alien audience. The aliens eat it up, laugh their asses off, and Jeff’s dad is a-ok.

Unfortunately, the episode doesn’t quite coalesce into anything more than saying people who laugh at social media posts are idiots, even when it becomes a commentary on itself. “I started watching that Jeff the Human feed yesterday. It was just such lowbrow garbage, one alien Instagram user says. “Yeah it’s obviously just made for stoned teenage morons,” says another. “I think entertainment has a responsibility to plumb the depths of our souls.” Maybe Jeff and Some Aliens knows exactly what it’s doing.

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