Jeff Uses a Preteen Robot to Help His Niece in 'Jeff & Some Aliens'

Suit up, infiltrate a group of high school mean girls, and teach your close family member to follow their flute-playing dreams.

Comedy Central

If you had to put yourself in a compromising situation while operating a robot made to look like a tween-age girl just to help a close family member get the confidence they need to pursue their dreams, would you do it? For Jeff in the aptly titled Jeff & Some Aliens episode, “Jeff & Some Preteen Girls,” the answer is: Sure, why not?

Jeff is heartbroken when his 13-year-old niece Julia abandons their flute and bongo jam sessions so she can try and become a “normal girl,” thus turning her back on becoming a professional flute player. But, like always, the aliens are on hand with a way to help out.

Conveniently enough Jimmy, Ted, and Sammy happen to have an automaton of a preteen girl they named Sasha. Apparently, the bot was a way for the homebody aliens to get out in the world without revealing their extraterrestrial identities. But now it can be used to infiltrate Julia’s inner mean girl circle and teach her to not be such a follower.

Before you can say “preteen robot,” Jeff suits up and takes Sasha for a spin while strapped into a contraption that allows him to see what the robot sees. However, his nosey neighbor Evgeny is weirded out by Jeff’s questionable behavior and mistaken innuendo, since he heard Jeff yell “I’m inside of her!” through the walls (he was just talking about the robot).

Before long, Sasha (Jeff) becomes the coolest girl at school and catches the eye of the captain of the football team, who Julie has a crush on. In exchange for some unspeakable sexual favors, Sasha (Jeff) tricks the jock into appearing in the school talent show where Julie will also be playing her flute. The Jock shreds a xylophone, showing the school some unknown talents.

But during the show, Evgeni, fearing some underage controversy happening next door, accosts Jeff, which forces Sasha to short-circuit and burst into flames onstage. The patently absurd moment of horror clears the way for her to be handily upstaged by Julie’s dual flute solo. Now she’s the coolest girl in school.

Jeff & Some Aliens is kind of like getting high while dreaming. Surreal shit constantly happens and you can’t really remember how you got to where you are from where you started. We started “Jeff & Some Preteen Girls” with aggressive bongo solos and ended with schoolwide mechanical carnage born from robot death caused by mistaken underage sex. It’s quite possibly the weirdest fable about teaching you to always pursue your creative dreams ever made. But hey, that’s not a bad lesson, right?

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