Darth Maul Battles Rathtars in New 'Star Wars' Comic

Before Darth Maul fought Obi-Wan Kenobi, he worked his aggression out on giant monsters most famous for causing Han Solo all sorts of headaches in The Force Awakens. The new Marvel comic miniseries focusing on Darth Maul’s early days shows him slaying some Rathtars in a brutal display of his deadly physical prowess. But to best the tentacled beasts, Maul doesn’t even use his lightsaber!

Lights spoilers below for Darth Maul issue #1 from Marvel.

Set at a point before the events of The Phantom Menace, the first issue of Darth Maul’s comic book miniseries mostly focuses on the horned assassin’s impatience. It’s taking way too long for Palpatine’s schemes to be hatched properly, and Maul spends his time creeping on Jedi like a stalker and attacking Rathtars on distant planets.

In The Force Awakens, Han Solo and Chewbacca are “hauling Rathtars” to make some money on the side. But nearly 50 years prior, Darth Maul slaughtered a Rathtar just to get his jollies and piss off some big game hunters.

The appearance of the Rathtars is interesting if only because it’s a rare way for the continuity of the current sequel trilogy to connect with that of the less-beloved prequel trilogy. This isn’t to say that Darth Maul will meet Han Solo as a little kid during this miniseries, but it does seem to promise more, similar easter eggs in future issues.

Issue #1 of Darth Maul is out now from Marvel Comics.

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