Fellowship Reunites as Aragorn Forgets How to Use a Sword

Daily Dot

The pressure looks to be getting to the King of Men. That, or Aragorn has gone about headbutting one too many members of the Fellowship this time. A new photo featuring some of the stars of The Lord of the Rings trilogy has the group ready for battle against a cave troll and shows that Aragorn is incredibly confused about how to hold a sword.

Dominic Monaghan, Merry from LOTR, posted a photo on Twitter January 30 of himself, Elijah Wood (Frodo), Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn), Orlando Bloom (Legolas), and Billy Boyd (Pippin) preparing to fight yet another cave troll.

The Hobbits brandish knives, Legolas is gearing up to take a shot with his iconic bow and arrow, and Aragorn is… using a rifle? Either Lord of the Rings has transferred over into the real world or Aragorn has completely forgotten how to use Andúril, the Flame of the West.

This photo is also a prime example of one of the world’s greatest concerns: the Hobbit who held the One Ring for the longest period of time hasn’t aged a bit. Wood still looks the same as he did when he first starred as Frodo in The Fellowship of the Ring in 2001. It’s been 16 years. When will the Ring release him from its hold?

Release him, Sauron, and give Aragorn his sword back!

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