7 TV Shows That Would Make Amazing Video Games

Good TV can make for good games. 

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The gaming world is no stranger to licensed properties inspired by hit TV shows and movies. The only thing is, they’re usually not very good. While we would love to see some of our favorite TV universes brought to our favorite interactive medium, the actual realization of this dream is not always satisfying. If we had a say in the design process, though, we think these shows would make excellent video games.


I mean, it's already a video game, pretty much.

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Westworld borrows a lot from game theory. The Westworld amusement park is a real-life video game world stocked with robots rather than polygonal figures projected on a screen. While an actual Westworld poses a lot of ethical potholes, it would certainly be interesting to explore these issues in game form, either in the stylings of a Telltale adventure game or an RPG.

Steven Universe

The 'Steven Universe' aesthetic is perfect for games. 

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The hand-drawn backgrounds in Steven Universe hearken back to late ‘80s and early ‘90s cartoons, but we think it would make an excellent game from that time period as well. We’d love to play a Steven Universe brawler, choosing our favorite Gems and mastering our techniques, or even a JRPG reminiscent of Earthbound.

The Expanse

From book series, to TV series, to video game series ...

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Syfy’s The Expanse wooed fans with its excellent character development and well-written vision of our solar system in the far flung future. Its story is a blend of political intrigue, mystery, and conspiracy. Of course the most obvious video game comparison to The Expanse is Mass Effect, but we think The Expanse would do just fine on its own as another space opera RPG. It would like be more concerned with exploring human nature, as opposed to battling a looming alien threat.

House of Cards

The dark side of politics gamified? 

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House of Cards captivates its audience with the over-the-top (but still somewhat believable) scandal running rampant in Washington. Games writing is the best it’s ever been, and we think House of Cards political scheming would make for an amazing, dark political simulator along the lines of Devolver Digital’s Reigns. Rather than ruling a kingdom, you’re running a country while also getting some sweet, sweet revenge.

Stranger Things

A supernatural mystery would be the perfect fit for an adventure game. 


Another game that borrows heavily from the ‘80s (we’ve heard it’s in vogue these days), Stranger Things is set during the age of the point and click adventure. What better way to pay homage to the popular Netflix show than with a Stranger Things adventure game? The show’s heavy mystery and sci-fi elements are perfect for the genre.

Breaking Bad

The most intense cooking game ever. 

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Some people might say that Cooking Mama or Diner Dash is a little too saccharine. For cooking game fans facing that dilemma, I pitch to you Breaking Bad: The Game, one part cooking game (get it? Because you have to cook crystal meth), one part resource management sim. You would, of course, have to successfully craft your product, before traveling across America in your RV managing your cash flow, maintaining your winnebago turned lab, and staying away from the cops.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Time to investigate. 


The Marvel universe is the perfect inspiration for any number of video games, but we think Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. would be an especially excellent action adventure game. Players could create their own S.H.I.E.L.D. agent before joining a team of Marvel superstars to go in and investigate supernatural mysteries and kick some butt in the process.

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