Suit Up With John Wick in New 'Chapter 2' Clip

"Buongiorno signor Wick."


Despite the sensible henley and jeans ensemble that John Wick is wearing in a lot of the little peeks we���ve seen of John Wick: Chapter 2 so far, you know the Wick man can’t stay casual for long. Keanu Reeves’s greatest character does his best work in a tailored suit. Thankfully, the latest clip from the upcoming sequel shows he’ll do exactly that. It’s a classic action movie suit-up scene with a great John Wick twist.

It’s unclear when this scene will take place in the film, but it’s obviously at a point in the movie when Wick gets to Europe and feels the need to outfit himself in the sleekest bespoke suit to deliver headshot after headshot to the bad guys who stand in his way. It’s a social” affair, and just to play it safe, he orders one suit to wear during the day and one for the night — both with tactical carbide disc lining. Only the best cutting edge body armor for Baba Yaga.

This time around an assassin of Wick’s ilk tries to take over the mysterious assassin’s guild hinted at in the first movie, and Wick has to come out of retirement once again to make things right. Last we saw of him, Wick was a bit beat up after popping a cap in Viggo Tarasov’s ass, but he strolled away with a new sidekick: a sweet little pit bull pup to replace the one that was brutally killed right before Wick’s eyes. You just don’t mess with a dude’s dog like that.

Who knows if Wick puts his new dog in a kennel while he takes a stylish little working vacation to Rome, but we’ll find out when Chapter 2 hits theaters on February 10, 2017.

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