Amid DC Movie Rumors, John Cleese Tweets Comic Book Collection


Get ready for John Cleese to silly walk straight into the DC Extended Universe, in a yet-unnamed role.

The actor famous for his part in the famed Monty Python comedy troupe Tweeted an image of himself preparing for a Q&A, but not before sneaking in a few comic books as a not-so-subtle nod to his relationship with Geoff Johns and the DCEU. The three books he’s showing off include Geoff John and Jim Lee’s Justice League: Origin, Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, and Scott Snyder’s Batman: The Black Mirror with art by Jock and Francesco Frankavilla.

It’s unclear exactly what role Cleese is teasing by showing off these three books, as they’re all kind of all over the place. The only thing that ties them together is that two of the three books are Batman books, suggesting that Cleese will most likely be appearing as a character from Gotham City.

The DCEU is kind of all over the place right now, with casting rumors abuzz for all kinds of roles like Green Lantern. Justice League recently cast Commissioner Gordon with J.K. Simmons, another Gothamite who will be appearing in the future DCEU, Ben Affleck, Batman film.

Based on the two Batman comics Cleese showed off, many are speculating that he will be involved with Arkham Asylum, the mental institution that houses some of Gotham’s most criminally insane.

Many fans have since figured out that there is a way DC sneaks in casting news through Twitter. In 2016, fans were trolled by Armie Hammer about a possible Green Lantern casting rumor when he followed and was followed back on Twitter by several DCEU figures like Geoff Johns and Joe Manganiello. John Cleese is only the latest actor to tease a DC connection through the social media service.

Until an official confirmation is made, consider John Cleese’s ties to the DCEU to be speculation.

Justice League hits theaters November 17, 2017.

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