Hydra Nazi Captain America Just Ramped Up His Fascism

Marvel Comics, Paul Renaud

Captain America, as written by Nick Spencer, is still a Hydra operative. In this week’s issue of Captain America: Steve Rogers, Steve Rogers continues to a bad, brainwashed person who does questionable things.

As Steve Rogers continues his new life as a young man, and a man with an altered past as a Hydra agent, his actions have become steadily more deplorable. It began with his attempt to silence those who found out about his new past as a Hydra agent (like throwing Jack Flag off an airplane) but has become steadily more bonkers.

Now there are flashbacks to Rogers’s life back in the ‘40s whe he attempts to join the U.S. Military, not to stop Nazis, but to assassinate America’s top generals. Additionally, Captain America still greets the Red Skull by taking off his shirt and painting a HYDRA logo on his chest with black goop. Which is insane.

Steve Rogers Hails Hydra

Jesus Saiz

Marvel is insistent on this ultimately half-assed attempt at making Steve Rogers an edgy character through the in-universe ret-con that changed him into an undercover Hydra saboteur. This week, he was revealed to have made an attempt to poison Dr. Erskine, the very scientist that transformed him into a super soldier, back in the ‘40s.

The problem with the whole “Steve Rogers Hydra” storyline is that it feels needlessly edgy for a character who is best served as an empathetic figure. There are plenty of other characters who could benefit from a little edginess, but Steve Rogers was not one of them. As a result, and the poor timing of current events, the whole series feels jarring and unnecessary.

However, there will be updates if the Steve Rogers Hydra status changes.

Steve Rogers: Captain America #10 is available in comic book stores now.

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