Daisy Ridley Hilariously Dodged 'The Last Jedi' Questions

Her 'Murder on the Orient Express' co-star tried to get to the bottom of whether Rey or Luke is the last Jedi. 


The title of the next Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi, was just announced, and it’s sending fans into a frenzy, because the last Jedi could be anyone. To get to the bottom of this particularly nerdy problem, actor Josh Gad confronted Ridley on the set of their new movie, Murder on the Orient Express, to ask her if she’s the titular last Jedi.

Gad posted the video to Instagram for everyone to see, but let’s just say it might not be worth straight up asking Ridley yourself lest she gets in trouble for breaking her NDA, and you get hunted down by Disney’s spoiler police. She deflects the question like a stormtrooper laser blast to a lightsaber.

“We’re not doing this, Josh,” Ridley humorously says before Gad goads her with some Disney spoilers of his own. “I’ll tell you that Olaf is in Frozen 2. Is it more than one Jedi?” he responds before he gets down to brass tacks: “Does something happen to you and Mark [Hamill]?”

It’s all an obvious ruse, but good on Ridley for making fun of what will have to be the one question she’ll hear in every interview she does until The Last Jedi gets released in December 2017.

Ridley herself quit Instagram in 2016 after having a spat with social media trolls when she spoke out about issues like gun violence, but it’s good to see that she’s taking it in stride. Maybe she’ll even reactivate her account in the lead-up to The Last Jedi.

For his part, her co-star John Boyega put up a simple message about the title announcement on his own Instagram page: “December this year we are back.”

December 17 can’t come soon enough.

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