Elon Musk Will Begin Digging Tunnels in a Month

Getty Images / Bill Pugliano

Looks like Elon Musk might actually start building tunnels. The SpaceX CEO has said for more than a year that he was going to start digging tunnels to solve traffic congestion, an idea few took seriously. That was until Wednesday when Musk tweeted that his project is making “exciting progress,” with a view to starting digging in “a month or so.”

Musk suggested in December that he was going to build a tunnel-boring machine and start digging because “traffic is driving me nuts.” In a series of tweets, he even came up with a company title and slogan: “The Boring Company. Boring, it’s what we do.” In case anyone didn’t believe him, Musk followed up with “I am actually going to do this.”

When asked Wednesday where this tunnel would be, Musk replied: “Starting across from my desk at SpaceX. Crenshaw and the 105 Freeway, which is 5 mins from LAX.”

Musk has previously voiced his support for tunnels as an easy way of reducing traffic jams.

“Tunnels are great. It’s just a hole in the ground,” he told students at the SpaceX’s Hyperloop Design Competition at Texas A&M in January 2016. “It’s not that hard, but if you have tunnels in cities, it would massively alleviate congestion and you could have tunnels at all different levels; you could probably have 30 layers of tunnels and completely fix the congestion problem in high-density cities. So, I strongly recommend tunnels.”

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