One of the Biggest 'GoT' Experts Predicts How the Show Will End


The editor-in-chief of Watchers on the Wall, the world’s premiere Game of Thrones breaking news site, recently did a Reddit AMA. In it, the editor — who goes by Sue the Fury — answered the question of how she thinks the story will end.

“The lands decimated by the war with the White Walkers, the throne destroyed,” she wrote. “Most of our beloved favorites are [sic] dead. But a handful of them will survive, and Westeros will survive, so the fight will have been worth it.”

About the Iron Throne itself, she added, “I’ve always thought there would be no throne in the end. That it would return to being separate kingdoms. It’s so hard to keep a land mass that big unified as one. Destroying it would also underline the ultimate futility of massacreing [sic] people for power.”

Sue the Fury has not only spent countless time engaging with the books and show, she also has a vast network of little birds informing her of show spoilers and set leaks. At another point in the AMA, she discusses knowing about Hodor’s “Hold the door” death scene ahead of time, and knowing that Jon Snow was going to hang his would-be murderers, the traitors of the Night’s Watch. For those two developments, she made the decision not to publicize and spoil them.

In other words, Maggy the Frog basically has nothing on Sue the Fury, so heed her words.

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