Inside Donald Trump’s New Presidential Car

Getty Images / Win McNamee

Donald Trump, who became the United States’ 45th president, has a new car. Nicknamed “the beast,” the 2017 Cadillac will replace around 12 vehicles that have been in service since 2009 at a cost of around $1.5 million. It is expected to include high-tech communications equipment and adjustable suspension, but in many ways, it will retain the tried-and-tested designs of previous models.

“It’s Cadillac’s honor to design and build the Presidential Limousine, continuing a great American tradition,” a Cadillac spokesperson told FOX Business.

Unfortunately, the car’s not quite ready yet. General Motors couldn’t quite get the vehicle ready for inauguration day, so the secret service used the existing vehicles on the day:

GM has been testing the new “beast” on proving grounds in Michigan since August. The spy shots show the car will take on the Cadillac Escalade stylings, with vertical LED headlights.

These machines are serious business. They are required to protect the president so that the passenger area can take a hit from a rocket-propelled grenade, with an air supply for tackling chemical weapon attacks.

The seven-seater vehicle is intended for carrying the president and a few assistants, holding five in the rear in a conference room-style seating arrangement. Serious office work is more intended for Air Force One, though, so the car will be more about conducting face-to-face matters.

As for when the beast will be ready? The vehicles have been in testing for some time, and so GM will want to get them out as soon as possible.

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