'Overwatch' Player Nails 'Rick and Morty' Impression While In-Game

"Is that right, Morty? You see that shit?"


The titular spacefaring grandfather and grandson duo of Rick and Morty have had their fair share of battles — and now, they’ve made their way into the Overwatch universe to duke it out against enemy combatants.

In a video posted by “Nickel,” a player on his Overwatch team who goes by “Turok” — despite being named after a Native American dinosaur-slaying beast of a video game character — stays in character as Rick Sanchez throughout the entirety of an Overwatch match, even tossing in comments and quibbles from the nervous, wavering Morty: “Yeah, you know, everyone just try to have some fun out there.” (Definitely something the relatively wimpy Morty would say.)

“Don’t even trip, dawg,” Rick opens the match with, selecting the interesting choice of Widowmaker, who’s not the best choice in the game’s meta.

“I-I-Is that Rick?” stammers a player that goes by Tifa — perhaps named after the expert martial artist from Final Fantasy VII — in an almost worried tone.

“Yeah, ya know, Rick Sanchez from Dimension C-137,” Turok clarifies, flexing his street cred of Rick and Morty knowledge.

“That’s pretty fucking good, dude.”

“I know, right? Ha-aaaaah.” He even nails Rick’s awkward forced laugh, and makes legitimate pre-game banter with his Overwatch teammates, promising, “If Widow doesn’t work, I’ll switch to Soldier or something … Don’t TRIP!” And it only gets better:

It’s one thing to just say common phrases from the show, but any decent impressionist worth their salt knows that the true masters can say just about anything in their impersonation voice. And Turok accomplished just that, even in the thick of the action, calling out the locations of enemies trying to infiltrate their area, like a good sniper should: “Yooooooooo top-right.” and “Uh-oh … I got a Genji comin’ in down the middle!” He does the Rick voice almost perfectly, even with the characteristic stammers and the many slurred sighs sprinkled throughout.

So if you find yourself playing some Overwatch and get matched up with Turok, consider yourself lucky, because you might just get to hear Rick Sanchez say, “Jerry! Why’re you dressed like a waiter?”

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