Artist Imagines Trump Quotes As Dark Comic Book Covers

R. Sikoryak

Just when you thought Donald Trump’s words couldn’t be more outlandish and vile, artist R. Sikoryak reimagines his quotes as covers of famous comic books in his art series, “The Unquotable Trump.”

Since the beginning of his presidential run, Donald Trump has been the subject of numerous comparisons to comic book supervillains. That’s probably because his megalomaniac tendencies and cartoonish demeanor lend themselves easily to parody.

Unfortunately, his words are real, and seeing them here as Trump invades comic book series after comic book series as a literal supervillain is almost too painful because of how accurately it characterizes the oversized character.

Sikoryak chooses from a wide range of comic book covers from Justice League to The Walking Dead and even Archie. Each time, Sikoryak adds little changes like changing the title of series like Wonder Woman to Nasty Woman. Each time, however, Sikoryak quotes Trump’s actual words, which shouldn’t be allowed to look so natural in the speech bubble of a comic villain. Yet here we are.

A take on a particularly memorable debate moment:

"Nasty Woman" based on the cover from H. G. Peter

R. Sikoryak

Donald Trump takes the place of Magneto in this cover, though he probably wouldn’t be as supportive of mutant rights:

"Ex-Men" based on the cover from Jim Lee and Scott Williams

R. Sikoryak

The Trump campaign found crossover with their message and fans of the popular zombie show. It’s curious what they think of him now.

"The Walking Donald" based on the cover by Charlie Adlard

R. Sikoryak

Hopefully Trump doesn’t invade Riverdale:

"Pap Comics" based on the cover by Bob Montana

R. Sikoryak

A particularly brutal take on Trump and his outreach to black voters.

"The Black Voter" based on a cover by John Romita

R. Sikoryak

You can find plenty of other “Unquotable Trump” images on R. Sikoryak’s Tumblr page here.

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