The 'Long War 2' Mod for 'XCOM 2' is Bringing the Heat

Firaxis and Pavonis continue to tease details.


The best part of the relatively recent revival of the XCOM video game might actually be a mod, specifically the Long War mod. The mod significantly expanded on the base game with additional types of missions, weapons, character classes, and more. It was, and remains, a big deal. And now Long War 2 looks to do the same to XCOM 2.

The group behind the original Long War mod actually became Long War Studios, a “development outfit” specifically supporting mods for XCOM 2. As was recently announced, Long War Studios has become Pavonis Interactive, and its first order of business is releasing Long War 2 for XCOM 2. And 2K and Firaxis Games are slowly teasing out features for the upcoming overhaul.

The global strategy layer for the game will get a major shift in focus with each area becoming much more complex. Rebels can now be assigned tasks, multiple squads of soldiers can be active at once, and ADVENT, the game’s enemy, will change their tactics accordingly.

Additionally, there will be entirely new mission types where players must, for example, break Resistance members out of jail or take on “a well-defended regional military headquarters.” Eight new mission types total are mentioned by name, and it’s possible there’s even more outside of that.

A release date for the Long War 2 mod has not been announced. Given the slew of announcements this month, pure speculation would peg its release as “sooner” rather than “later.”

The new 'XCOM 2' map looks deliciously complex.

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