Leia Standalone 'Star Wars' Movie Already Has the Perfect Cast


We’re getting the young adventures of rogue smuggler Han Solo as the next standalone Star Wars movie after Rogue One, while the premise of the third is still up in the air. Considering the tragic death of Leia Organa actress Carrie Fisher, perhaps the best way to honor her legacy would be to give the character she made so memorable her own standalone Star Wars origin story. We already have the best possible casting choice ready to go: Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown.

Brown gave a quote in November when she appeared at the Rhode Island Comic Con about her interest in Star Wars saying: “Princess Leia. If they made – I think they are making another Star Wars – I would love a role like that. Because I want to do something far from Eleven or Madison (her character in BBC drama Intruders).” It’s definitive proof that Brown would love to join up in the Star Wars universe. And now, a new piece of fan art by Michael Maher Jr. gives us a perfect proof of concept.

Maher’s illustration shows every kid cast member from Stranger Things as a character from Star Wars, and they all match up pretty well, even if all of them appearing in the same film at their age would seriously mess with the overall Star Wars timeline. Finn Wolfhard as Han, Gaten Matarazzo as Chewie, and Noah Schnapp as Luke are a nice touch. Actor Caleb McLaughlin as a tween-age Lando is actually so good that hopefully Han Solo standalone movie directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller see this and make that happen.

Take a look below:

Stranger Star Things Wars. 


But the obvious standout is Brown as Leia. She’s the spitting image of a tween Fisher. Here, see for yourself:

Dear Lucasfilm, please make this happen. 


But her turn as Eleven in Stranger Things proved that she can single-handedly carry a narrative arc. Lucasfilm has been great about recognizing and following through on new talent, and Brown appearing in a potential Leia spinoff is too good to pass up.

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