Forget Suicide Squad, Where's The Badass Anti Justice League?

Reddit user NomadicJaguar64t

If there’s anything comic book fans love as much as a good reboot, it’s dark anti-heroes. In recent years, DC has slowly established mirror image characters to match each of the Justice League members. Those heroes, including Red Hood, Ocean Master, and Bizarro, deserve a chance.

In 2016, Scott Lobdell moved forward with a Dark Trinity comic from DC, called Red Hood and the Outlaws, which follows the dark misadventures of three anti-heroes who feel rejected by the wholesome DC universe. Bizarro, an alien who reacted with rage when he wasn’t allowed to be Superman, Red Hood, a Gothamite who has a bone to pick with Batman, and Artemis, who lost the glory to Wonder Woman, band together despite their differences and try to forge a path for themselves in a world that adores DC’s big Trinity.

Part of Reddit's visual argument for a team-up.

Their story could get so much more interesting, as Reddit user NomadicJaguar64t points out, if they were joined in comics by Ocean Master, Phantom Lantern, Reverse Flash, and Variant. Along with posting the above image, the Reddit user and DC fan added:

Ever since Red Hood and the Outlaws Rebirth, and their first arc “Dark Trinity” it got me thinking and hoping for a ‘Outlaw’ version of the Justice League, comprised of the different JL characters and the black sheeps of their families. All of these characters above have shown (or could show) a sense of remorse or regret for their evil actions and seek to make a new name for themselves. I believe all of these characters are morally redeemable.

Ocean Master will be the primary villain in the upcoming Aquaman movie, but we know from comics lore, and shows like Young Justice, that his issues with Aquaman are personal. He’s more of a Loki to Thor than a big baddie, and could easily be convinced to act neutrally good if promised something beneficial. Reverse Flash, as well, hates Barry Allen personally, but his plan for the world doesn’t always involve complete destruction. Phantom Lantern is lawful evil, following a mirror opposite of Green Lantern’s oath.

The next issue of Red Hood and the Outlaws is due out February 8.

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