'American Horror Story' Renewed Through 2019, Will Never Die

FX is refusing to put 'American Horror Story' out of its misery.

Vanity Fair

Despite American Horror Story’s characteristic “WTF” ending in November, FX announced on January 12 that it has renewed Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s anthology series through 2019. This means fans and people who hate-watch the horror series alike can anticipate at least three more seasons. The news was soon followed up with an announcement that the upcoming Season 7 would be set in “modern times” and star fan favorites Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson.

Season 6, Roanoke, ended with the promised “last person standing” plot line before Lee sacrificed herself to watch over the ghostly Priscilla and save her daughter, Flora. But it was implied that Flora and the emergency responders were goners anyway as the Butcher, Thomasin, watched her horde surround them. No doubt, the land was sanctified with blood that night.

And so the world moves on to yet another three seasons of murder porn and disappointment. Season 7 was teased not long after the Season 6 finale — FX dropped a 7-second video with disturbing flashes of the dolls from Roanoke hanging from trees and peaceful scenes of waves, all accompanied by the term “sweet dreams” and a tweet reading “The monsters are all gone. #AHSRoanoke.”

It’s been theorized that Season 7 — which will undoubtedly drop sometime in 2017 — will take place on the high seas. The confirmation that it will take place in “modern times” breaks away from AHS’s pattern of jumping from past to present between seasons.

Murphy has teased before that upcoming seasons of AHS will go back and revisit dropped plot lines and tie together its two most popular seasons, Murder House and Coven. Despite the promises, little is known about the “themes” of the (now confirmed) next three seasons. Murphy and the FX gang have a habit of drawing out the theme of each season into a guessing game in order to get Twitter riled up.

It’s expected that a theme for Season 7 will soon come rolling in.

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